Installment Loans in South Jordan, UT - Rates and Terms

Apply online and you will be able to get your South Jordan Installment Loan as quickly as possible. Get fast approval from the best Utah lenders and receive funding even if you have bad credit!

The Best Installment Loan Companies in South Jordan, Utah

Compare the best lenders that offer Installment Loans online and near you in South Jordan and apply for the most profitable option:

  • A Better Mortgage L

  • A Better Mortgage L: 1194 W South Jordan Pkwy, Tel.: (801) 208-2020
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  • Academy Mortgage - Jordan

  • Academy Mortgage - Jordan: 871 W Baxter Dr, Tel.: (801) 302-8830
  • More Details
  • Accelerated Mortgage

  • Accelerated Mortgage: 1206 W South Jordan Pkwy Ste C, Tel.: (801) 302-7160
  • More Details
  • Addie Mac

  • Addie Mac: 1124 W South Jordan Pkwy, Tel.: (801) 253-8900
  • More Details
  • Altabank - South Jordan

  • Altabank - South Jordan: 10757 S River Front Pkwy Ste 150, Tel.: (801) 208-4090
    COVID-19 might have temporarily affected operating hours. Please visit on our website for the most up-to-date information. Looking for Bank of American Fork, Lewiston State Bank or People’s Town and Country Bank? You’re in the right place. The name is different, but our commitment to service and your success is the same. We exist for one reason – to power your success. With over 100 years of experience, we have what it takes to be a trusted, dynamic provider. We’re strategically sized to drive you and your business forward – and we do it better than anyone else. We believe that personal relationships and customized solutions can take your business to new heights. We are Altabank.
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  • America First Credit Union

  • America First Credit Union: 11453 S Parkway Plaza Dr, Tel.: (800) 999-3961
    America First Credit Union offers savings and checking accounts, mortgages, auto loans, online banking, Visa products, financial tools, business services, investment options and more to our members in Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Arizona.
  • America First Credit Union: 10767 S Redwood Rd, Tel.: (800) 999-3961
  • America First Credit Union: 10427 S River Heights Dr, Tel.: (800) 999-3961
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  • American General Financial Svc

  • American General Financial Svc: 10499 S Redwood Rd, Tel.: (801) 254-1875
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  • American Pacific Mortgage

  • American Pacific Mortgage: 859 W South Jordan Pkwy Ste 101, Tel.: (385) 275-7095
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  • Automotive Finance Corp

  • Automotive Finance Corp: 1124 W South Jordan Pkwy Ste A, Tel.: (801) 446-7200
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  • Bank Of England Utah

  • Bank Of England Utah: 3672 W South Jordan Pkwy Ste 102, Tel.: (801) 912-8484
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  • Bridgewater Residential Mortgage

  • Bridgewater Residential Mortgage: 10619 S Jordan Gtwy, Tel.: (801) 984-0090
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  • Capital Loan Center

  • Capital Loan Center: 1066 W South Jordan Pkwy, Tel.: (801) 432-7132
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  • Carlton Van Putten

  • Carlton Van Putten: 10368 S Crow Wing Dr, Tel.: (619) 807-1537
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  • Cash Store

  • Cash Store: 10384 S River Heights Dr Ste 100, Tel.: (801) 302-0154
    Loans, Cash Advance, Payday Loans, and Title Loans. For twenty years, the Cash Store has been a trusted cash advance lender. We make it easy to get the emergency cash you need-whenever you need it-within minutes, not hours. Our installment loans and title loans (car or auto title loans) give you competitive rates and terms, a fast and simple application process, high approval rates, and flexible payment plans-with absolutely NO credit history or score required to be approved! Our friendly, professional service makes it simple to get the loans that help you put real cash money in your hands today. With 11 locations throughout Utah, there's sure to be a Cash Store near where you live or work. How much can you get? With an installment loan you can receive up to $3,000*; or with an auto title loan you can get up to $20,000* by borrowing against the value of any vehicle you own. Have more questions? Simply call 888-950-CASH (2274) to be connected to the Cash Store nearest you! Store hours may vary by location; call your local Cash Store for more information. *Subject to loan approvals. Some restrictions may apply. See store for details. Products are not intended to meet long-term financial needs; they should be used only to meet short-term cash needs. Vehicle is subject to evaluation for title loans. Approval rate based on complete applications received.
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  • Castle & Cooke Mortgage

  • Castle & Cooke Mortgage: 40121 S Jordan Gtwy, Tel.: (801) 495-7155
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  • Chase

  • Chase: 10555 S Redwood Rd, Tel.: (801) 495-4600
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  • Chase Bank

  • Chase Bank: 11423 S Parkway Plaza Dr, Tel.: (801) 495-5190
    Find out how Chase can help you with checking, savings, mobile banking, and more. Deposit products provided by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Member FDIC.
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  • City First Mortgage Services

  • City First Mortgage Services: 1099 W South Jordan Pkwy, Tel.: (801) 302-7220
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  • Credit and Lending

  • Credit and Lending: 3630 W South Jordan Pkwy, Tel.: (801) 937-4653
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  • Cyprus Credit Union

  • Cyprus Credit Union: 3629 W South Jordan Pkwy, Tel.: (801) 260-7600
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  • Deseret First Credit Union

  • Deseret First Credit Union: 10588 S Redwood Rd, Tel.: (801) 446-8101
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  • Dfp

  • Dfp: 406 W South Jordan Pkwy Ste 200, Tel.: (801) 467-5115
  • More Details
  • Dollar Loan Center

  • Dollar Loan Center: 1055 W South Jordan Pkwy, Tel.: (801) 601-1672
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  • English Mortgage

  • English Mortgage: 3876 W Haverhill Cir, Tel.: (801) 280-2464
  • More Details
  • First Class Home Mortgage

  • First Class Home Mortgage: 1206 W South Jordan Pkwy Ste C, Tel.: (801) 597-8832
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  • Funding Universe

  • Funding Universe: 3630 W South Jordan Pkwy Ste 201, Tel.: (801) 255-2495
  • Funding Universe: 10235 S Jordan Gtwy Ste 400, Tel.: (801) 255-2495
  • More Details
  • Gold Star Mortgage

  • Gold Star Mortgage: 3045 W Wilkins Peak Ct, Tel.: (385) 237-3922
  • More Details
  • Golden Key Investments

  • Golden Key Investments: 406 W South Jordan Pkwy, Tel.: (801) 838-9999
  • More Details
  • Goldenwest Credit Union

  • Goldenwest Credit Union: 3664 W South Jordan Pkwy, Tel.: (801) 878-3007
  • More Details
  • Granite Mortgage L.L.C.

  • Granite Mortgage L.L.C.: 2598 W Cherry Grove Way, Tel.: (801) 599-9739
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  • Hickman Land Title Co.

  • Hickman Land Title Co.: 1226 W South Jordan Pkwy Ste D, Tel.: (801) 293-7700
    Hickman Land Title is a family owned and operated business serving Utah for more than 100 years. We are committed to providing you the best service possible and work hard to meet your expectations. Finding the best rates to meet your needs is at the root of our commitment to service; and to help accomplish that we work with some of the largest underwriters in the country. This allows us to find the best products at the best price to fit your needs. Our experienced staff can help with complex transactions, refinancing, commercial properties or first-time buyers. We specialize in: • Title Insurance • Escrows • 1031 Exchanges through Mountain States Exchange • Real Estate Closing Services Visit our website for more information. Call to schedule an appointment or to order your title insurance.
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  • Hidden Valley Mortgage

  • Hidden Valley Mortgage: 1124 W South Jordan Pkwy, Tel.: (801) 446-2800
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  • IBI Trucking

  • IBI Trucking: 1124 W. South Jordan Parkway B, Tel.: (801) 253-8900
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  • Jeffery Wilkerson

  • Jeffery Wilkerson: 10653 S River Front Pkwy Ste 170, Tel.: (801) 699-1662
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  • John Nelson Stearns Lending

  • John Nelson Stearns Lending: 1108 W South Jordan Pkwy Ste C, Tel.: (801) 996-3884
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  • Julia Galbraith

  • Julia Galbraith: 10138 S 460 W, Tel.: (801) 285-8911
  • More Details
  • KeyBank

  • KeyBank: 11422 S District Dr, Tel.: (801) 495-5420
    Cleveland-based KeyCorp is one of the nation’s largest bank-based financial services companies, with assets of approximately $93.8 billion. Key companies provide investment management, retail and commercial banking, consumer finance, and investment banking products and services to individuals and companies throughout the United States and, for certain businesses, internationally. The company’s businesses deliver their products and services through branches and offices; a network of 1,200+ ATMs; telephone banking centers 800-KEY2YOU®; and a website,®, and mobile app that provides account access and financial products 24 hours a day.
  • More Details
  • Lendio

  • Lendio: 10235 S Jordan Gtwy Ste 410, Tel.: (801) 858-3620
  • More Details
  • Lifestyle Lending Solutions

  • Lifestyle Lending Solutions: 3096 W Banner Dr, Tel.: (801) 208-9324
  • More Details
  • Loanology

  • Loanology: 10813 S River Front Pkwy Ste 175, Tel.: (801) 264-9444
  • More Details
  • Mimutual Mortgage

  • Mimutual Mortgage: 10897 S River Front Pkwy Ste 1, Tel.: (801) 960-2111
  • More Details
  • Mortgage

  • Mortgage: 11503 S 2510 W, Tel.: (801) 244-7620
  • More Details
  • Mortgage Solutions Group

  • Mortgage Solutions Group: 3484 W 10305 S, Tel.: (801) 302-9317
  • More Details
  • Olympus Capital

  • Olympus Capital: 912 W Baxter Dr Ste 250, Tel.: (801) 576-2707
  • More Details
  • Pavestone Capital

  • Pavestone Capital: 1258 W South Jordan Pkwy Ste 303, Tel.: (855) 621-3996
  • More Details
  • Peterson Bryce

  • Peterson Bryce: 10653 S River Front Pkwy Ste 100, Tel.: (801) 569-8888
  • More Details
  • Popular Commercial Capital Inc

  • Popular Commercial Capital Inc: 10808 S River Front Pkwy Ste 353, Tel.: (888) 950-9339
  • More Details
  • Prime Lending Salt Lake City

  • Prime Lending Salt Lake City: 10653 S River Front Pkwy, Tel.: (801) 999-2776
    From Kings Peak to the Great Salt Lake and all the beauty in-between Utah, this is the place!! PrimeLending is ready to help you call this place home. With a number of different options to help you buy, refinance or renovate, we have your homeownership goals covered. We do business with YOU in mind, and our team will be available for you every step of the way.
  • More Details
  • Ridgeview Mortgage Inc

  • Ridgeview Mortgage Inc: 10468 S Redwood Rd, Tel.: (801) 253-4663
  • More Details
  • Rocky Mountain Mortgage Group

  • Rocky Mountain Mortgage Group: 10421 S Jordan Gtwy, Tel.: (801) 495-7050
  • More Details
  • Security National Mortgage Team Wheelwright

  • Security National Mortgage Team Wheelwright: 10437 S Temple Dr, Tel.: (801) 860-1003
  • More Details
  • Shank Erick MLO

  • Shank Erick MLO: 1206 W South Jordan Pkwy, Tel.: (801) 347-3330
  • More Details
  • Smiths Food and Drug

  • Smiths Food and Drug: 1634 W South Jordan Pkwy, Tel.: (801) 254-4560
    Smith's offers thousands of quality food and household products from your favorite brands and companies. From fresh produce, meats and seafood to dairy, home goods and pharmaceutical needs, Smith's is your one stop for savings.
  • More Details
  • Snmc

  • Snmc: 11027 S Gracie May Ln, Tel.: (801) 432-8363
  • More Details
  • Stearns Lending

  • Stearns Lending: 10813 S River Front Pkwy Ste 100, Tel.: (385) 529-5944
  • More Details
  • Stellen Lending

  • Stellen Lending: 1226 W South Jordan Pkwy, Tel.: (801) 573-7070
  • More Details
  • Sun Valley Mortgage -Monique Minaya

  • Sun Valley Mortgage -Monique Minaya: 4649 W Vermillion Dr, Tel.: (801) 864-6169
  • More Details
  • Us Bank

  • Us Bank: 3590 W South Jordan Pkwy, Tel.: (801) 253-8813
    Let the U.S. Bank Bangerter Highway Walmart Office help you bank smarter with Online Banking, Bill Pay, Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts, Bank Loans and Student Loans.
  • Us Bank: 1634 W South Jordan Pkwy, Tel.: (800) 872-2657
  • More Details
  • Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

  • Wells Fargo Home Mortgage: 10384 S River Heights Dr, Tel.: (800) 869-3557
  • More Details
  • Western Agcredit

  • Western Agcredit: 10980 S Jordan Gtwy, Tel.: (801) 571-9200
    Western AgCredit, ACA is made up of Western AgCredit is one of the leaders in the agricultural finance industry throughout Utah and in Wyoming, Nevada and Arizona. The firm provides financing for real estate, livestock, equipment and operating expenses. Western AgCredit serves people involved in the business of agriculture, including farmers, ranchers, nursery and greenhouse operators, forest products businesses, part-time farmers and agribusinesses. The firm is part of the nationwide Farm Credit System established in 1916. It has two subsidiaries, Western AgCredit, FLCA and Western AgCredit, PCA.
  • More Details
  • Western Allied Mortgage

  • Western Allied Mortgage: 1124 W South Jordan Pkwy, Tel.: (801) 446-0569
  • More Details
  • Woodland Prescott Servicing

  • Woodland Prescott Servicing: 10619 S Jordan Gtwy, Tel.: (801) 572-8989
  • More Details


What are South Jordan Installment Loans?

Applying for an in South Jordan, UT Installment Loan has become as easy as possible. What’s more, you don’t have to meet a lot of requirements. If you are a Utah resident over 18 and can provide proof of regular monthly income, then your chances are high. You will also need to provide an active bank account and government issued ID. As a rule, most South Jordan Installment lenders require a credit check however you can get a loan even with a bad credit history. However, your credit history affects the loan interest rates that you will receive.

The amount of the Installment Loan may vary. If you need a small amount, then you can find a lender who will provide you with $ 100 to $ 3,000. However, if you want to get a big loan, you can get up to $ 5,000. Payment terms also vary depending on the lender and state laws. If the loan is short, the repayment period may be only a few months. However, with a large loan amount, repayment terms can vary from 2 to 7 years. Therefore, study the laws of the state and the lender’s requirements before applying for an Installment Loan at South Jordan, UT.


Apply for South Jordan Installment Loan Online and get instant decision

If you want to get the fastest approval, then it is best to apply online. Thus, apply for an Installment Loan at South Jordan, UT online, wait for the lender’s approval and receive the money in your bank account within one business day.

  1. Fill out a simple and convenient form online or in person at your nearest store in South Jordan.
  2. Get a response to your application almost instantly.
  3. If your loan application is approved, you can sign a loan agreement and receive money within one business day.

What you get with South Jordan Installment Loans

  • Same-day response to your application
  • Online and offline ability to get a loan
  • No long waiting in lines
  • No paperwork
  • Instant approval decision online
  • Bad credit is not a problem
  • Financing within one business day
  • 24/7 availability


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