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By filling out a simple online application within a few minutes, you can get almost instant approval for an Installment Loan even with bad credit!

Bad Credit Installment Loans

Installment Loans are a type of financing that allows borrowers to obtain an amount ranging from $ 100 to $ 5,000, depending on the lender. These loans can be either secured or unsecured (secured requires collateral). Repayment terms can vary: while small loans can be paid off within a few months, a large amount can have a repayment terms of 2 to 7 years. The loan is paid in regular monthly installments until it is fully repaid. Thus, the Installment Loan offers its borrowers quick access to money in order to cope with emergency expenses or personal needs.

How Installment Loans differ

  • 5-star experience of friendly customer service
  • Best loan solutions
  • Quick access to money for an emergency
  • Convenient and simple online application
  • Guaranteed response to the application on the day you applied
  • Approval even with bad credit


How do Installment Loans work?

Applying for an Installment Loan has never been easier. All you need to do is follow three simple steps to get approved today:

  1. You can either fill out an application online or in person at the lender’s store. However, remember that the easiest and most convenient option is the online application.
  2. The answer to your application will be received almost instantly. As a rule, installment lenders approve the application in a few minutes.
  3. Receive money to your bank account within one business day. You can also receive a cash payment if you apply in person

* Please note that as a rule Installment Loans are available only on the next business day. However, if you need the same day Installment Loan, you need to ensure approval before 10:30 AM ET (M-F). Loans approved after 10:30 AM ET are typically funded the next business day.

Installment Loan FAQ

How much Installment Loan can I borrow?

The minimum and maximum loan amounts are regulated by law. Also, the loan amount depends on your salary and many other factors. Typically, with an Installment Loan, you can get from $ 100 to $ 5,000. Also, the amount may vary depending on the selected lender.

Can I get a Payday Loan with no credit check?

Most lenders have similar loan requirements. Often times, you need to go through a credit check in order for your application to be approved, especially if you want to get a large amount over a long period of time.

Am I guaranteed to get instant approval for an Installment Loan?

While most loan applications do get approved almost instantly, sometimes it can take a lender some time. However, your application for an Installment Loan will still be approved the same day you submit it. Also, you will not get guaranteed approval if you do not meet the requirements of the lender.

When will my loan be due?

Installment Loans have different repayment terms. If you are applying for a small loan, then it will need to be repaid within a few months. However, if you are applying for a large loan then the repayment period will vary from 2 to 7 years.


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