Installment Loans in Owings Mills, MD - Rates and Terms

Apply online and you will be able to get your Owings Mills Installment Loan as quickly as possible. Get fast approval from the best Maryland lenders and receive funding even if you have bad credit!

The Best Installment Loan Companies in Owings Mills, Maryland

Compare the best lenders that offer Installment Loans online and near you in Owings Mills and apply for the most profitable option:

  • 1st Metropolitan Mortgage MD

  • 1st Metropolitan Mortgage MD: 9917 Reisterstown Rd Ste C, Tel.: (410) 504-5303
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  • Advantage Capital Mortgage

  • Advantage Capital Mortgage: 66 Painters Mill Rd, Tel.: (443) 738-0080
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  • All Financial Services

  • All Financial Services: 20 Pleasant Ridge Dr Ste F, Tel.: (877) 740-9840
    We have have years of experience helping people with their mortgage needs. Whether you're interested in obtaining a new mortgage or refinancing, we have the skills and experience to help you accomplish your goals. We also specialize in the Reverse Mortgage Program, a FHA insured mortgage product for senior homeowners, age 62 and older.
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  • Allied Funding Corp

  • Allied Funding Corp: 6 Park Center Ct, Tel.: (410) 581-9100
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  • Allymac Mortgage

  • Allymac Mortgage: 10999 Red Run Blvd Ste 113, Tel.: (410) 902-9149
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  • American Continental Mortgage Corp

  • American Continental Mortgage Corp: 10 Music Fair Rd, Tel.: (410) 581-9333
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  • Available Mortgage Inc

  • Available Mortgage Inc: 90 Painters Mill Rd Ste 120, Tel.: (410) 356-9637
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  • Bank of America Financial Center

  • Bank of America Financial Center: 10315 Reisterstown Rd, Tel.: (410) 363-0363
    Welcome to Bank of America in Owings Mills, MD, home to a variety of your financial needs including checking and savings accounts, online banking, mobile and text banking, student banking and credit cards. You have full access to your Bank of America accounts at any of our more than 5,000 banking centers nationwide. When you visit our financial centers, our knowledgeable associates and welcoming environment will make you feel at home.Easy access for everyone: Handicap accessible parking spaces, Handicap accessible restrooms and Braille signage (where available), Ramps in locations with steps, Easy-to-open doors, Handicap accessible safe deposit box rooms.
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  • Bankers First Mortgage Co Inc

  • Bankers First Mortgage Co Inc: 9505 Reisterstown Rd, Tel.: (410) 581-2323
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  • Bay Capital

  • Bay Capital: 10811 Red Run Blvd, Tel.: (443) 394-6928
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  • BB&T

  • BB&T: 10900 Boulevard Cir, Tel.: (410) 363-8355
    We’re temporarily adjusting services available at our local branches to help maintain the health and safety of our clients and teammates. This includes providing teller services through drive-thru lanes only, in-person visits by appointment only, and select branch closures. Some branches without drive-thru lanes will remain open with enhanced sanitization measures.
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  • BNY Mellon

  • BNY Mellon: 11550 Cronridge Dr, Tel.: (410) 998-9319
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  • Capital First Mortgage

  • Capital First Mortgage: 9921 Reisterstown Rd 100, Tel.: (410) 902-5753
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  • Carrington Mortgage Services

  • Carrington Mortgage Services: 10045 Red Run Blvd Ste 390, Tel.: (844) 692-3084
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  • Cofmar Financial

  • Cofmar Financial: 10806 Reisterstown Rd Ste 3d, Tel.: (443) 544-7972
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  • Commercial Settlement Services

  • Commercial Settlement Services: 100 Painters Mill Rd Ste 200, Tel.: (410) 653-2828
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  • Community Mortgage Group Inc

  • Community Mortgage Group Inc: 4 Park Center Ct Ste 200, Tel.: (443) 394-2505
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  • Communitybanks

  • Communitybanks: 10802 Red Run Blvd, Tel.: (443) 394-0047
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  • Equity Mortgage Lending

  • Equity Mortgage Lending: 2 Park Center Ct Ste 200, Tel.: (410) 321-7800
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  • Executive Financial Services

  • Executive Financial Services: 11421 Cronhill Dr Ste C, Tel.: (410) 902-4490
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  • Fannie-Freddie

  • Fannie-Freddie: 8600 Mcdonogh Rd, Tel.: (877) 611-8787
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  • Farmers & Merchants Bank

  • Farmers & Merchants Bank: 9320 Lakeside Blvd, Tel.: (410) 356-8200
  • Farmers & Merchants Bank: 4730 Atrium Ct, Tel.: (410) 581-9013
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  • Fidelity Direct Mortgage

  • Fidelity Direct Mortgage: 11421 Cronhill Dr, Tel.: (443) 898-6941
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  • Fidelity First Lending Inc

  • Fidelity First Lending Inc: 10811 Red Run Blvd, Tel.: (443) 394-2505
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  • First Continental Mortgage Inc

  • First Continental Mortgage Inc: 10706 Reisterstown Rd, Tel.: (410) 356-1013
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  • First National Bank

  • First National Bank: 9231 Lakeside Blvd, Tel.: (410) 356-2645
  • More Details
  • Fnb Ofc

  • Fnb Ofc: 10715 Red Run Blvd, Tel.: (443) 379-0268
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  • GrahamfinancialEnterpise

  • GrahamfinancialEnterpise: 19 Richmar Rd, Tel.: (410) 705-3560
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  • Greentree Mortgage

  • Greentree Mortgage: 66 Painters Mill Rd, Tel.: (410) 581-5301
    Greentree Mortgage Corporation provides a variety of mortgage programs and loans, including new home, second mortgage and home equity loans. Located in Owings Mills, Md., the company s staff specializes in mortgage processing, underwriting services, and loan closing and funding. Its mortgage programs include fixed- and adjustable-rate and balloon mortgages. The company also offers first-time buyer, stated income and interest-only programs. Its other programs include no-point, no-fee and imperfect credit programs. The company serves various areas, including Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida and Colorado. Greentree Mortgage Corporation is a member of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers. It additionally provides an online debt consolidation mortgage calculator.
  • Greentree Mortgage: 10999 Red Run Blvd, Tel.: (410) 902-4964
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  • Insurance Inc

  • Insurance Inc: 2 Park Center Ct Ste 200, Tel.: (410) 753-1859
    Founded in 1948, Insurance Incorporated is one of the leading agencies in Maryland. It is an independent agency that serves more than 14,000 commercial and individual clients. The agency offers brokerage services and develops risk management programs to meet the financial needs of customers. It governs a commercial department that provides coverage plans for construction equipment, buildings, properties and warehouses. The department serves truck owners. In addition, Insurance Incorporated offers a variety of coverage programs for worker s compensation and employee dishonesty. The agency operates a personal department that markets and develops plans for automobiles, recreational vehicles and homes. The personal department also provides health and life insurance products.
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  • iReverse Home Loans

  • iReverse Home Loans: 3706 Crondall Ln Ste 100, Tel.: (410) 902-7000
  • More Details
  • J D Loan Co

  • J D Loan Co: 11412 Reisterstown Rd, Tel.: (410) 998-9237
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  • M&T Bank

  • M&T Bank: 9780 Groffs Mill Dr, Tel.: (410) 363-3921
  • M&T Bank: 10375 Red Run Blvd, Tel.: (800) 724-2440
  • M&T Bank: 9840 Reisterstown Rd, Tel.: (410) 363-1617
  • M&T Bank: 4 Saint Thomas Ln, Tel.: (410) 356-8937
  • M&T Bank: 11120 Reisterstown Rd, Tel.: (410) 277-7864
  • More Details
  • Mid Atlantic Processing

  • Mid Atlantic Processing: 300 Red Brook Blvd Ste 120, Tel.: (410) 753-1000
  • More Details
  • Millennium Residential Funing

  • Millennium Residential Funing: 11299 Owings Mills Blvd, Tel.: (443) 264-0245
  • More Details
  • Model Citizens

  • Model Citizens: 3600 Crondall Ln, Tel.: (877) 611-8787
  • More Details
  • Mortgage Equity Lenders

  • Mortgage Equity Lenders: 20 Pleasant Ridge Dr Ste B, Tel.: (410) 356-1280
  • More Details
  • Mortgage Technologies

  • Mortgage Technologies: 10045 Red Run Blvd Ste 100, Tel.: (410) 363-3776
  • More Details
  • Mortgages Of America Inc

  • Mortgages Of America Inc: 10205 S Dolfield Rd, Tel.: (410) 902-9229
  • More Details
  • PNC Bank

  • PNC Bank: 9730 Groffs Mill Dr, Tel.: (410) 356-1738
  • PNC Bank: 101 Painters Mill Rd, Tel.: (410) 363-8944
    At PNC, we believe you can handle your finances better by taking small steps today, and we’re right here ready to help make it easier for you. No matter how simple or complex your everyday needs may be, our range of products, services, and digital solutions can help you better manage them.
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  • Premier 1 Mortgage

  • Premier 1 Mortgage: 4 Saint Thomas Ln, Tel.: (410) 484-2717
  • More Details
  • Primary Residential Mortgage

  • Primary Residential Mortgage: 500 Redland Ct, Tel.: (443) 273-9000
  • More Details
  • Private Mortgage

  • Private Mortgage: 11240 Reisterstown Rd, Tel.: (410) 902-5753
  • More Details
  • Prudential Mortgage

  • Prudential Mortgage: 18 Golden Grass Ct, Tel.: (410) 581-3226
  • More Details
  • Regal Bank & Trust

  • Regal Bank & Trust: 25 Crossroads Dr Ste 10, Tel.: (410) 363-1772
  • More Details
  • Regional Acceptance Corp

  • Regional Acceptance Corp: 300 Redland Ct Ste 102, Tel.: (443) 273-9840
  • More Details
  • Renaissance Equity Partners

  • Renaissance Equity Partners: 902 Huddersfield Ct, Tel.: (443) 394-9203
  • More Details
  • Reverse Mortgage Team Inc

  • Reverse Mortgage Team Inc: 400 Red Brook Blvd Ste 220, Tel.: (443) 940-9000
  • More Details
  • Southern Trust Mortgage

  • Southern Trust Mortgage: 11403 Cronridge Dr, Tel.: (888) 562-6510
  • More Details
  • SunTrust

  • SunTrust: 10335 Reisterstown Rd, Tel.: (410) 753-9670
    We’re temporarily adjusting services available at our local branches to help maintain the health and safety of our clients and teammates. This includes providing teller services through drive-thru lanes only, in-person visits by appointment only, and select branch closures. Some branches without drive-thru lanes will remain open with enhanced sanitization measures.
  • More Details
  • The Fuller Team

  • The Fuller Team: 10451 Mill Run Cir, Tel.: (410) 484-2718
  • More Details
  • Travelers Mortgage Services

  • Travelers Mortgage Services: 10451 Mill Run Cir, Tel.: (410) 356-8831
  • More Details
  • Wells Fargo Bank

  • Wells Fargo Bank: 9948 Reisterstown Rd, Tel.: (410) 753-1833
  • More Details
  • Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

  • Wells Fargo Home Mortgage: 9948 Reisterstown Rd, Tel.: (410) 753-1833
  • More Details


What are Owings Mills Installment Loans?

Applying for an in Owings Mills, MD Installment Loan has become as easy as possible. What’s more, you don’t have to meet a lot of requirements. If you are a Maryland resident over 18 and can provide proof of regular monthly income, then your chances are high. You will also need to provide an active bank account and government issued ID. As a rule, most Owings Mills Installment lenders require a credit check however you can get a loan even with a bad credit history. However, your credit history affects the loan interest rates that you will receive.

The amount of the Installment Loan may vary. If you need a small amount, then you can find a lender who will provide you with $ 100 to $ 3,000. However, if you want to get a big loan, you can get up to $ 5,000. Payment terms also vary depending on the lender and state laws. If the loan is short, the repayment period may be only a few months. However, with a large loan amount, repayment terms can vary from 2 to 7 years. Therefore, study the laws of the state and the lender’s requirements before applying for an Installment Loan at Owings Mills, MD.


Apply for Owings Mills Installment Loan Online and get instant decision

If you want to get the fastest approval, then it is best to apply online. Thus, apply for an Installment Loan at Owings Mills, MD online, wait for the lender’s approval and receive the money in your bank account within one business day.

  1. Fill out a simple and convenient form online or in person at your nearest store in Owings Mills.
  2. Get a response to your application almost instantly.
  3. If your loan application is approved, you can sign a loan agreement and receive money within one business day.

What you get with Owings Mills Installment Loans

  • Same-day response to your application
  • Online and offline ability to get a loan
  • No long waiting in lines
  • No paperwork
  • Instant approval decision online
  • Bad credit is not a problem
  • Financing within one business day
  • 24/7 availability


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